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Tournament Rules

  1. These are USBC Certified Tournaments all USBC Rules not specified here will be in effect. The Tournament Director and Tournament Officials have the right to deny entry, re-rate averages, settle disputes, disqualify bowlers, etc. If a re-rated average is not accepted before bowling, a refund will be offered.
  2. Highest USBC Sanctioned Average past 2 years (18-19/19-20) minimum 21 games will be used. Handicap is 80% of 220.
  3. EACH BOWLER MUST CHECK-IN FOR EACH SQUAD. Failure to do so may result in disqualification. Please plan to arrive 45 minutes before your squad. All substitutions must be reported to tournament office at least one hour prior to bowling and must assume the lineup position of the bowler they are replacing. Walk-in’s welcome, and registration ends 30 minutes before squad starts.
  4. ANY COMBO DOUBLES tournament: Cash multiple times with different partners. SINGLES tournament: Bowl multiple squads cash only once with highest 3 game series score. ANY COMBO TRIO TEAMS tournament: Cash multiple times with different team (1 bowler must change each team).
  5. OPTIONAL/BONUS Events: An additional fee for each. All paid based on entries, payout within 30 days of tournament end. SENIOR BONUS DIVISIONS: Age verified prior to payout. SCRATCH EVENT(s): Cash once in top 6, multiple times with highest score each set after that, only if you bowled/paid on multiple squads.
  6. All 3 games bowled on the same pair of lanes.
  7. NO REFUNDS will be given, prior to or the day of the tournament. However every attempt will be made to reschedule any entrant who misses their assigned squad time, if spots are available.
  8. All entrants must provide full details of any rerate, or risk possible disqualification. See USBC Rule 319c, d and e. All average information, tournament scores and tournament winnings must be submitted prior to bowling.
  9. It is the entrant’s responsibility to report errors in scoring to a staff member and to verify the accuracy of all averages and information requested. Averages submitted which are lower than the correct average will result in disqualification. Averages submitted which are higher than the correct average shall remain in effect and prize winnings will be based on the submitted average, unless an extension form is signed prior to the start of bowling.
  10. Pro Bowler Rule: Bowlers are considered professional and ineligible to participate should they meet any of the following criteria. PBA, PBA50, PWBA, major tile winner. In addition, we reserve the right to deem any bowler as “Professional” strictly with regard to entry requirements for DLS Tournament, LLC.
  11. Premature termination brought about by war, national emergency, fire, strikes, etc. or other reasons beyond the control of DLS Tournament, LLC shall cause the prize fund to be prorated in accordance to the number of entries bowled at the time of termination. The Tournament and Wickliffe Lanes are not responsible for injuries, which may be sustained while bowling.
  12. All entrants agree there is no liability on the part of the DLS Tournament, LLC or its staff or officers to the entrant.
  13. No Personal Checks after 7/13/19. A $40 fee will be assessed for NSF Check along with amount of check. No Checks accepted day of tournament.
  14. Visit DLS Website for results posted within 2 weeks of tourney ending. Checks will be mailed within 30 days tournament ending.
  15. Photographs, videos taken at tournament may be used for advertising, social media, DLS website and YouTube content.